Python Scripts



Pyshell is my first attempt at making a shell. Currently it has 13 built in commands. You can add your own commands by making a python script and adding it to the "funcs/" directory in your home directory. It's written in python as the name eludes to. You can run outside commands using subprocesses with the sub command. You can also make scripts with the commands in the funcs directory but it is still unstable at this time.



Pytasks is my solution to coming up with good ideas for projects and then promptly forgeting them 30 minutes later. It's also useful for remembering chores and other items. It reads and writes from a file in your home directory. You can add items with the -a or --add options, you can delete items with the -d and --delete options, and you can list your todo list with -l and --list. I find it useful to put it in my .bashrc file so everytime I open the terminal I can see what I need to do.